Super Sale Weekend 5/19/17

This weekend for Super Sale Weekend, I've got a couple of new builds on sale.  This sale runs through Monday morning.

Up first, I'm offering the brand new Old Factory Club.  Regularly L$275, this weekend only it's marked down to L$99!  This is a low prim urban build that comes with a couple of tip jars, a stage, and some bits of lighting.  You don't HAVE to use this as a club, but it's a nice big space for it.  I'm currently working on a revamped home version, as well. :D

Next, we have the smallest cutest version of my Calm Seas house.  This beach cottage is two stories, and the second story offers 360 degree views.  It comes with curtains, ceiling fans and opening and closing shutters.  Not like creepy ghostly opening and closing, but you can click them to open and close... you get the idea.   Normally L$225, it's L$99 this weekend only.

Feel free to have a look at the inworld store, or online at Z.O.E. on Marketplace and leave a comment as to what you'd like to see offered for 99L or less in the future!  Nothing is off limits, I just can't do the same thing for sale twice in one month. :P


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