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Mix 'n' Match Summer Wear, and Super Sale Weekend woot!

Okay, so I've been needing some cute tank top/legging combos for summer, and these sets are perfect!  Airy and feminine, mix and match, good to go!  Basically, each set of leggings and each set of tank tops come with a HUD.  All of the different sets' HUD's can be interchanged.  I had thought to just make the basic tank top and legging, then just sell the HUDs as add-ons, but I know that will bring me no end of heartache from my lovely customers and vip's.  So for now, buy them all!  Keep one folder and just drag all the HUDs to the one folder, then delete the rest.  Remember, vips get 25% discount if they purchase from the new stuff wall while it's still new!  After that it's only 10%.  URL to the store is there to the left!  <<<<

HAPPY 4TH! In the meantime, for Super Sale Weekend Only, I'm offering two sets (tank top WITH leggings) for only L$65.  Normally the separates will be L$50 each.

Super Sale Weekend Offerings:

Also, we have the Fun In T…

Fun In The Sun!!

The Guest List Cart Sale is behind me, so I've been furiously working on the next big thing!  Coming up we have the Gacha Good Sunshine & Seashells event.  Z.O.E. is sponsoring this one, so there will be TWO gachas, plus an exclusive.  Then, the exclusive spawned a series of beachy items!  But I get ahead of myself here.

I do NOT like summer.  Can't stand it.  It's hot, muggy, the kids are home and bored.  I much prefer the dreary gray cold of winter.  However, I realize I'm in the minority, so simply must slap on that sunscreen and just dive in!

First off, for Super Sale Weekend, we have the Z.O.E. Spring Girly Heels.  Normally these are L$165, but they're only L$80 this weekend.  You can find the whole list of participating merchants here.

New stuff this week, we have the beginning of the Fun In The Sun series of beach stuffs!  These next two items are in the shop as of this morning, and they go for L$75 each.  L$57 if you're a Z.O.E. vip and have your ta…

A Long Time Ago, In A Land Far, Far Away...

I want to tell the story of one of the most precious and awesome hidden treasures to be found in Second Life.  A place I call my home, even if I have a house elsewhere, lol.  I play here, build here, DJ and host here, work here in my shop, and hang out with lovely people who are as twisted as I am (if you get to know them) and provide me with a never-ending supply of inspiration.  This mystical magical place is known as The Rhythm Factory.  Before I can tell you anything about it, I must tell you the story of how this relationship came to pass...

A very long time ago in my Second Life, long before I found this most beautiful home I have now, but long after I met my husband, a friend of mine dragged Rawk and I to a place.  This was her latest venture she'd started in a fit of defiance for having been most rudely fired from a larger venue.  She was sick of following the "rules" and said screw it, and started her own club.  Saloon, actually.  She'd been trying to get m…

Calm Seas Furnishings

The Calm Seas build is one of my very favorites!  While the main building is too large for ME to live in, my SL brother and sister was kind enough to purchase it, so I can go squat on their property when I want to visit.  I loved the textures so much that I've been playing around with matching furniture.  It's sort of being eeked out in dribs and drabs, BUT...  I am releasing two of the pieces now in the shop.  Right now, you can get this wonderful hutch and storage cabinet.  I have two more pieces coming soon as exclusives for the Guest List Cart Sale @ Flawless running from June 9-18.  One piece will be L$75, and the other will be free as a hunt item!  For now though, come by the shop and grab these two shabby chic pieces below.

Hutch: L$125 normal price, L$94 for vips on the new stuff wall while it lasts
PLEASE NOTE: The hutch will be on sale this weekend for Super Sale Weekend for only L$75 Friday through Sunday, June 9-11

Storage Cabinet: L$75 normal price, L$57 for vips…

Anyone Rich Enough To Need A Guest House?

For those that can afford the land to rez out the Slide Away home, I now give you Slide Away Lite!  This can be used as a guest house or as your own little house on your own little plot of land somewhere.  It features slide away walls and glass all over just like it's big sister!

Slide Away Lite: L$250 normal price, L$188 for vips on the new stuff wall while it lasts.
 PLEASE NOTE: This item will be on sale for Super Sale Weekend from June 9-11 for only L$99!

Beach House Season - Slide Away!

Tis the season, folks.  It's beach time!  For the longest time in Second Life, I've avoided making anything "beachy".  I usually opt to live in places that are cities, country, forest, etc.  Why?  Well first of all, SL is slam full of beachfront property.  There's just a TON of it, which is why I can't imagine why beachfront prices are so sky high.  There's more beach land than anything!  That's a different blog, though.  Also, I live in Florida in real life, so have ready access to beaches whenever I want.  Here in my second life, I tend to make things that I need (want!) and can't find anywhere else, and then turn around and share it with all you good people.  I don't do the beach in SL, so I don't make beach things.  There ya go.

However, I have realized recently that it's stupid of me to neglect my RL heritage, and also neglect all those poor souls that have overpriced beachfront property in SL.  Sorry, but ya probably paid too muc…

Play Time!

Most people know that I don't really cater to avatars of the smaller variety.  It's just not something I really think about while in Second Life, to be honest.  I mean CHILDREN.  Yes, I have an amazing niece, Sparkles, but beyond that I don't do the whole "kid" thing.  I have them in real life and trust me, that is plenty!  Every once in a while though, I want to do something cutesy for the tiny tater tots of the grid.

These are a couple of cute signs you can mount to a nursery wall.  The letters feature a slowly swirling texture on the faces indicative of colorful happy little clouds floating by.  You can actually see these in action if you go to the inworld store and use the rezzer upstairs.

These signs also have texture changing frames in pink, blue and white distressed woods.  Come by and have a look, they're cute!  These are also good for stoners too, I think.  It's always play time somewhere, right?