Mix 'n' Match Summer Wear, and Super Sale Weekend woot!

Okay, so I've been needing some cute tank top/legging combos for summer, and these sets are perfect!  Airy and feminine, mix and match, good to go!  Basically, each set of leggings and each set of tank tops come with a HUD.  All of the different sets' HUD's can be interchanged.  I had thought to just make the basic tank top and legging, then just sell the HUDs as add-ons, but I know that will bring me no end of heartache from my lovely customers and vip's.  So for now, buy them all!  Keep one folder and just drag all the HUDs to the one folder, then delete the rest.  Remember, vips get 25% discount if they purchase from the new stuff wall while it's still new!  After that it's only 10%.  URL to the store is there to the left!  <<<<


In the meantime, for Super Sale Weekend Only, I'm offering two sets (tank top WITH leggings) for only L$65.  Normally the separates will be L$50 each.

Super Sale Weekend Offerings:

Also, we have the Fun In The Sun Umbrella Set on sale this weekend only for L$40.  This is normally L$75

Separates Packs L$50 each

So, I hope to see you guys at the shop grabbing your Independence Day goodies, and stay tuned for the Gacha Good Sunshine & Seashells event coming up July 8!  Details and location coming soon!


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