Beach House Season - Slide Away!

Tis the season, folks.  It's beach time!  For the longest time in Second Life, I've avoided making anything "beachy".  I usually opt to live in places that are cities, country, forest, etc.  Why?  Well first of all, SL is slam full of beachfront property.  There's just a TON of it, which is why I can't imagine why beachfront prices are so sky high.  There's more beach land than anything!  That's a different blog, though.  Also, I live in Florida in real life, so have ready access to beaches whenever I want.  Here in my second life, I tend to make things that I need (want!) and can't find anywhere else, and then turn around and share it with all you good people.  I don't do the beach in SL, so I don't make beach things.  There ya go.

However, I have realized recently that it's stupid of me to neglect my RL heritage, and also neglect all those poor souls that have overpriced beachfront property in SL.  Sorry, but ya probably paid too much. :P  Anyway, here's the second line of beach houses I've come up with.  This is the large full sized version, and I'll be doing some smaller versions soon, for those that have smaller plots or if you happen to need a matching guest house.  Introducing...

SLIDE AWAY - L$350 normal price, L$263 for vips on the new stuff wall right now!  After that it will be L$315 for vips.

Yes, the title came from that Oasis song from long ago, but it totally fits the concept.  This beach home is a bit different than others you may have come across.  The entire front and back are all glass walls, but there's a little surprise.  They slide open!  Get it?  They SLIDE AWAY.  Obviously, the windows that would let you fall to your death don't open, but you can open almost the entire downstairs.  There are porches front and back, and 3 bedrooms with a huge open common area that is overlooked by the catwalk running the length of the back of the house leading to the second two bedrooms.

Every room also has separate window privacy settings from none to partial options to closed blinds.  The porches, stairs and stilts can easily be removed if you want to set the home on land instead of over water.  This really is a beautiful home and should be seen inworld to truly be appreciated!  

Stay tuned for smaller versions coming soon, but for now I need a break to make something a bit smaller!  Surf's up!

Inworld demo rezzer


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