Calm Seas Furnishings

The Calm Seas build is one of my very favorites!  While the main building is too large for ME to live in, my SL brother and sister was kind enough to purchase it, so I can go squat on their property when I want to visit.  I loved the textures so much that I've been playing around with matching furniture.  It's sort of being eeked out in dribs and drabs, BUT...  I am releasing two of the pieces now in the shop.  Right now, you can get this wonderful hutch and storage cabinet.  I have two more pieces coming soon as exclusives for the Guest List Cart Sale @ Flawless running from June 9-18.  One piece will be L$75, and the other will be free as a hunt item!  For now though, come by the shop and grab these two shabby chic pieces below.

Hutch: L$125 normal price, L$94 for vips on the new stuff wall while it lasts
PLEASE NOTE: The hutch will be on sale this weekend for Super Sale Weekend for only L$75 Friday through Sunday, June 9-11

Storage Cabinet: L$75 normal price, L$57 for vips on the new stuff wall while it lasts


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