Play Time!

Most people know that I don't really cater to avatars of the smaller variety.  It's just not something I really think about while in Second Life, to be honest.  I mean CHILDREN.  Yes, I have an amazing niece, Sparkles, but beyond that I don't do the whole "kid" thing.  I have them in real life and trust me, that is plenty!  Every once in a while though, I want to do something cutesy for the tiny tater tots of the grid.

These are a couple of cute signs you can mount to a nursery wall.  The letters feature a slowly swirling texture on the faces indicative of colorful happy little clouds floating by.  You can actually see these in action if you go to the inworld store and use the rezzer upstairs.

These signs also have texture changing frames in pink, blue and white distressed woods.  Come by and have a look, they're cute!  These are also good for stoners too, I think.  It's always play time somewhere, right? 


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