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Fall is here, yay!

I know I've been abnormally slack on the blog thing lately.  It's been busy busy!!!  I DO have some new Fall stuff for you guys though, along with Christmas stuff, already.  xD  We'll focus on Fall today since Thanksgiving is this week.  For starters, those of you that hate cooking and hate having family and friends and dogs and kitties and everything else trampling through your house during the holiday season, new aprons for all attitudes!  These are L$100 and fit mesh lady bodies. Up next we have the November freebie for those that really REALLY don't know how to stuff a turkey.  This turkey goes on your head and makes you freak out all over the place. xD Some yard decor is next with the Fall Harvest set up.  L$50 Let's not forget our wall decor!  New Fall Leaves Wreath is a wonderful Autumnal addition to any home/venue at only L$40 Now, for the cooler weather clothing!  All the ladies in SL know how diffic