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Wow.... Had to make a new tag!

Wow, it's been 2 years since I posted.   TWO. YEARS. !!!! So look, I try to be a good girl.  I try to smile and file my nails and nod at things.  I TRY.  I really do.  That black sheep in me, though.... THAT bitch right there.  Well, that one has opinions.  For this post, I had to create a whole new tag.   COMMON SENSE. Yes, please! I'm not going to label it politics.  I don't do politics.  I do common sense, morals, and caring for your fellow man.  I do Democracy.  I support right to carry as hard as I support the right to choose.  I don't think anyone can be put in a box.  We all have our own views, and they will all differ from point to point.  Trying to label an entire country as large as ours, as one or the other, is absolutely ridiculous.   So I will begin the following with a disclaimer: I AM A HUMAN BEING WITH COMMON SENSE, BRAINS, EYEBALLS, AND A LONG MEMORY.  I AM A UNITED STATES CITIZEN.  I THINK THAT MEANS SOMETHING.  I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL AFFILIATI