Wow.... Had to make a new tag!

Wow, it's been 2 years since I posted.   TWO. YEARS. !!!! So look, I try to be a good girl.  I try to smile and file my nails and nod at things.  I TRY.  I really do.  That black sheep in me, though.... THAT bitch right there.  Well, that one has opinions.  For this post, I had to create a whole new tag.   COMMON SENSE. Yes, please! I'm not going to label it politics.  I don't do politics.  I do common sense, morals, and caring for your fellow man.  I do Democracy.  I support right to carry as hard as I support the right to choose.  I don't think anyone can be put in a box.  We all have our own views, and they will all differ from point to point.  Trying to label an entire country as large as ours, as one or the other, is absolutely ridiculous.   So I will begin the following with a disclaimer: I AM A HUMAN BEING WITH COMMON SENSE, BRAINS, EYEBALLS, AND A LONG MEMORY.  I AM A UNITED STATES CITIZEN.  I THINK THAT MEANS SOMETHING.  I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY POLITICAL AFFILIATI

Holy Crap! Zanne, You're So Lazy!

Wow!  Has it really been almost a year since my last post?  See, this is why I said I wouldn't start a blog.  I never keep up with it.  I get caught up in the day to day and upcoming tasks at hand and skip over the TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT IT part.  So, just to catch you guys up.  As most of you know, I'm a texture creator.  I used to create things and buildings with normal prims and use my textures to make them awesome!  Since the advent of mesh, I was sort of left behind, lol.  A lot of the stuff I was working on and selling was full perm mesh with my own unique textures.  I'd NEVER take anything away from folks that use FP mesh items for their own and texture them in their own ways.  There are some amazing freakin' creative folks out there that do wonderful things with FP mesh.  However, it was always a thorn in my side that what I was selling (even if it was legit and had my own creative spin on it) wasn't really MY OWN.  I wanted to learn how to make mesh so ba

Fall is here, yay!

I know I've been abnormally slack on the blog thing lately.  It's been busy busy!!!  I DO have some new Fall stuff for you guys though, along with Christmas stuff, already.  xD  We'll focus on Fall today since Thanksgiving is this week.  For starters, those of you that hate cooking and hate having family and friends and dogs and kitties and everything else trampling through your house during the holiday season, new aprons for all attitudes!  These are L$100 and fit mesh lady bodies. Up next we have the November freebie for those that really REALLY don't know how to stuff a turkey.  This turkey goes on your head and makes you freak out all over the place. xD Some yard decor is next with the Fall Harvest set up.  L$50 Let's not forget our wall decor!  New Fall Leaves Wreath is a wonderful Autumnal addition to any home/venue at only L$40 Now, for the cooler weather clothing!  All the ladies in SL know how diffic

Floral Wedding Anywhere? Hmm...

My lovely AO, Raeven, mentioned a little while back that her friend wanted to get married at a particular sim, but wasn't allowed to.  "Zanne," she said.  "Wouldn't it be cool if she had something like that wearable street corner you did for Rawkette, only have it be a wedding venue?"  Yes, Raeven.  Yes, it would.  Therefore... Let me introduce the first wearable wedding venue from Z.O.E.  This one is more traditionally outdoor themed.  I don't think I have time to do one for Halloween, but would love to!  Christmas, too!  Oh, how the ideas now fly, lol.  So, here's how this one works. It comes with a male and female version, so either can be the one to wear it.  Each version is animated to bride or groom.  It also comes with a spare male animation (if the lady is wearing the venue), and 2 spare animated wedding bouquets (if the male is wearing it, or if it's same sex).  Can't find an officiate?  Well, we here at Z.O.E. like to thi


See, I told you guys I have actually been DOING stuff!  I was sitting around the game table last weekend with the fam and mentioned that I was waiting until closer to October to start listing all the Halloween stuff I'd done.  They were appalled and asked why I hadn't listed it all already??  Well, here's the beginning!  Z.O.E. is involved in two different events for October, one of which I'm sponsoring, so I'll show you those items later on.  For now, here's what's in the shop and listed this weekend for Super Sale Weekend! Go to the shop! Full Super Sale Weekend list here I know I said I wasn't going to do a gacha for Halloween, but I changed my mind. :P  These little ghosts hover and float and are wearables.  The two rare signs are addons with texture change menus, and the rare ghost buddy is a companion attachment, but also has a rezzable version.  These talk in chat at time intervals that you set, and you can also change/add what it says.  It h

The Madd Man Returns! Kinda!

A little while back, my SL big brother returned inworld to our family.  He'd been on hiatus for quite a while, and made a valiant effort to stick around this time.  It didn't last, though.  SADNESS.  Anyway, Kenni has been known as "The Madd Man" for years, and even sports that title in mine and Rawk's Pub group.  Or maybe it's the land group...whatever...  While he was back, he suggested I build a comic book shop for him called "Madd Man Comics".  How could I say no???  I made a note, and finally got around to it.  While I'd love to have plastered graffiti-esque super hero and villain graphics all over the walls, copyright sort of prohibits that.  However, you can do what you like with it, as it's completely copy/mod.  Not that I'd EVER suggest you violate TOS or laws or anything... Ahem.  So... This is a very cool low prim shop you can use as urban sim filler or rental shop or even your own shop.  There are 3 different parts you c

Creepy, Creepy, Make Ya Weepy!

Yep, I know that title blows.  Oh well!  Hey guys, nice to chat at you again.  I've been muy busy the past couple of weeks between getting some Halloween stuff ready, and preparing for Hurricane Irma.  By preparing, I mean watching the Weather Channel 24/7 and silently freaking out while hoarding mass amounts of water, ice and non-perishables.  Anyway, I have the first offering for Halloween 2017 for you.  This building is a "safe" listing, meaning it can be for Halloween or not.  This build will fit in nicely in an any urban grunge setting.  It is a filler building, so you can't actually go inside.  These dummy buildings are more for lower prim scenery.  This particular one isn't as low prim as I'd like, but it's really freakin' cool!  It comes in a boarded up window version, as well as a lower prim broken window version.  I love the nasty moldy old wood, don't you??  This building can be seen at my demo rezzer inworld .  Don't forg