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Let's All Go To The Pub!

She blows a stray lock of platinum blonde hair from her sweaty brow as she curses under her breath while trying to unlock the doors.  That damn Rawk was supposed to WD-40 these locks last week, but hasn't done it yet!  Finally the key turns and the musty smell of grime, mold, sweat, and God only knows what else, wafts through the open doorway. She props open both doors with cinder blocks in a sad attempt to air out a very large building that has no windows, fans, or even a ventilation system.  She then tosses the keys on the bar and thoughtfully looks around, letting the feelings of nostalgia and anticipation wash over her.  It's been so long it seems since the old girl (this is what Rawk calls the pub) has seen the light of day.  Past echos of laughter, gun shots, zombie groans, silly banter, and metal tunes seem to emanate from the walls, floors and even the air of the pub. A storm brews just outside the doors and a few leaves blow in as a rumble of thunder sounds in the

New workshop! AKA: Rawk's homeless again...

I have given this a lot of thought, and I have come to one stark realization.  It must be terrible to live with a builder.  I don't know how other builder/shop owners work, but I know that Rawk and I haven't had a true established home in SL for years.  Every time I get sick of whatever building we're in, I build a new one.  Every time though, poor Rawk is left homeless until the new build is complete.  There's nothing quite so pitiful as your husband standing on a sky pad half naked trying to put together a new outfit.  Since we've moved to Siringo, we've been using a modified version of my (Z.O.E.) 1024 skybox.  The dark one with the dark wood flooring.  The problem is, I'm also using our place of residence as a workshop.  I was using the old shabby chic repurposed skybox I made, but it was way too big.  The 1024 skybox was way too small and also way too dark.  I think now I'm in the Goldilocks zone.  Maybe.  We'll see.  For now, I'm ha

Rawkette strikes again!

Ahh, Rawkette.  Famed DJ, Resident Diva, Applepay taking, Hooker Extraordinaire.  She's starred in the epic DW murder mystery 2015 as the victim, and has recently returned from a world tour of... frankly, I was afraid to ask.  Upon her return from who knows where, the family and I had to break it to her that our club home, The Rhythm Factory, had closed down.  Rawkette was very upset; we even had to use the smelling salts to get her off the Greedy table.  Once she had processed this bit of info, she came to understand one sad fact.  She no longer had a venue in SL to gather her masses of fans when she deigns to DJ once in a blue moon.  Again, the family had some other news to break to her.  Good news!  With the absence of a resident club for us to haunt, and the fact that nobody else will have us, Rawk and I had decided to reopen Dusty Wanderer Pub!  Isn't that great, Rawkette?  You can DJ THERE again! Boy, if looks could kill, hers would have flattened any avatar in a 1

Say it with a TEE!

I finally picked up some decent full perm mesh tees for women AND men that will fit most any mesh avatar.  No, I didn't create this mesh myself.  Yes, I do all the texture work for them.  These are mostly for shits and giggles, much like a lot of things in the shop.  They are also good for custom work when you just can't find exactly what you're looking for!  So, here's how it works: 1. Purchase the base tshirt at the shop for L$10.  If you're savvy and aren't scared to ask, I can tell you where I have them for free at any given time.  Right now, you can pick up the base tees across the street from the shop at the pub .  Just go in and they're on the free stuff wall.  2. Pick which graphic you want for your tshirt from the vendor (it's upstairs), and purchase it for L$35, unless you're a member of my group and get the 10% discount.  3. Unpack the bag you purchased, and drag the HUD into your base tshirt folder for easy access.  The HUD's ar

Harlequin Club & Replacement Brownstone?

So, I've been neglecting my blog in a most horrific manner lately.  I haven't been updating you all properly!  That doesn't mean I've not been busy, though. With the closure of my second Secondhome, The Rhythm Factory, I've been scrambling to get the shop moved over and begin a new (old) project that I'll share with you guys soon.  Having a break from DJ'ing and Hosting has really been a good thing, but it's time to get back to work already!  In the meantime though, there has been new stuff added to the shop!  First, let's go over the builds. :D The old brownstone has gone bye bye as of the end of the retirement sale, but a new and better version has emerged to take it's place.  It's normally L$275, right now L$207 for vips on the new stuff wall, and this weekend only, L$99 for Super Sale weekend!  Make sure you hit up the SSW vendor in the shop for that price, though.  These are next to the group joiners and stuff.  This home has a small