Let's All Go To The Pub!

She blows a stray lock of platinum blonde hair from her sweaty brow as she curses under her breath while trying to unlock the doors.  That damn Rawk was supposed to WD-40 these locks last week, but hasn't done it yet!  Finally the key turns and the musty smell of grime, mold, sweat, and God only knows what else, wafts through the open doorway.

She props open both doors with cinder blocks in a sad attempt to air out a very large building that has no windows, fans, or even a ventilation system.  She then tosses the keys on the bar and thoughtfully looks around, letting the feelings of nostalgia and anticipation wash over her.  It's been so long it seems since the old girl (this is what Rawk calls the pub) has seen the light of day.  Past echos of laughter, gun shots, zombie groans, silly banter, and metal tunes seem to emanate from the walls, floors and even the air of the pub.

A storm brews just outside the doors and a few leaves blow in as a rumble of thunder sounds in the distance, creating an eerie feeling in the dark interior.  "Looks like we're opening just in time for Halloween.  It'll be nice to have folks back in here again... not too sure I want to be alone right now!", she mutters quietly.  Right on time, Pita stalks in carrying as many boxes as she can manage before dumping them all on the floor by the stage.  Sighing loudly, she sets to work on a new gacha machine she's installed by the stage.

"Zanne, are you going to get to work or what?"

Zanne rolls her eyes and walks out to retrieve the new grand reopening sign to put up.  She really should have made Rawk do this, the slacker.  Oh well, nothing for it now.  He's out of town and the pub is set to reopen on Saturday.  She's already put off the preparations for too long!  She calls Pita just outside to help her put the sign up before retrieving her cleaning supplies from her shop across the street.

She gives a cursory glance at the floor and decides to leave it as-is.  Grabbing the dish rags and wood cleaner from her bucket, she walks behind the bar and begins to clean the bar top.  This will probably be the cleanest it's ever been, or ever will be.  She begins to go over in her head, her mental to-do list.

All the ads have been posted, invitations sent.  She still needs to get her music together for her set, though, and figure out what she's going to wear.  The new free promotional t-shirts have been put out.  The contest board is ready, as well at the tip jars, cash register, sploders, etc.

Pita has all the funds for the contests, and is working on the gacha now.  Zanne saunters over and begins poking through boxes, checking on all the prizes.  Pita decided to charge L$3 for every play so as to help fund some upcoming contests and whatnot.  Rawk came up with the idea for a group only gacha, and Pita jumped on board with it.  This meant that Zanne had some extra work to do in making all this crap.

She pokes the belly of one of the zombie pets and settles into her wearable slacker chair to watch Pita, aka: the DW Bank, load the machine up with all sorts of goodies.

 Zanne had to admit, she had fun making all this stuff.  As the rain outside begins to pour, she notices a rather large leak in the ceiling over the bar.  The structure wasn't as sound as it used to be after the epic Hurricane Zanne of 2014.  It's nothing that a little duct tape can't fix, though!

She decides to leave Pita to her duties and go shopping.  Raeven had recently bought some new PJ pants and Zanne wanted them, too.  Hmmm, she needs some socks, as well.  Before leaving, she scribbles out the September events on the chalkboard over the stage.  She grins and heads off for the evening in anticipation of the greatest grand reopening EVER!

 Dusty Wanderer Pub


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