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It's about dang time! 90's set, here I come!

The club where I work, play and create has inspired yet another build.  The kind bosslady at The Rhythm Factory allows me to let my creativity roam free here, which is only one of the reasons I love this place so much!  The actual club building we use is very spacious, and it's definitely HOME, but every once in a while we like to do themed stuff, so we had the idea to use "inserts" for the building.  Basically, it's a build within a build... something that people know I do quite often, even in the mainstore!  I've done a barn for it, sci-fi theme, even a rooftop for a superhero set.  Well, I've been wanting to do a 90's music event for ages, but have been holding off until I had the actual insert done.  Approximately 593 years later, it's finally complete!  I know... I'm a slacker.  Anyway, when I do these inserts, I've been trying to do full sized versions to sell to the general public.  Let me introduce you to... MIX TAPE - L$300 normal

Oh dear Lord.... ZANNE!

So the SL fam and I were all sitting around the game table late Saturday night... as we tend to do.  This night was different, though.  After months of being away on a world tour (not going to say of WHAT), our beloved Rawkette was back in town.  She had joined us and was showing off all her fabulous new doodads and whatnots.  One of them was a pretty awesome vibrator garter that her babydaddy #475's wife had gifted her.  Probably as a bribe to get her hubby out of child support for the month. Anyway. Yes, since Rawkette was gone for so very long, she insisted on DJ'ing the 6 pm set, and Rawkin skulked off in a crybaby fit for the evening.  If you have really really good eyeballs, you can see Rawkette's fave new garter. As we were talking about this and that, Rawkette pipes up with "ZANNE, do you think you could make me a vibrator shaped microphone??  OMG, that would be so FABULOUS!!" Even though Rawkette routinely robs my husband blind, collects all of

Old Urban Factory... I mean club... I mean HOME!

Yes, it's finally complete!  Z.O.E.'s old factory has officially been used for everything SL could need.  I hear tell way back in the day it was also used as an old army hospital and may possibly be haunted!  Anyway... Just released, the fully updated and converted/remodeled factory home.  This home is selling for L$300.  Right now for vip's it's L$225 if you purchase it from the new stuff wall.  It'll be there for about a week or so, and then will be L$270 for vip's with their normal 10% discount.  Come by the demo rezzer and check it out.  Stroll through and have a looksee.  It's always fun to look at buildings... at least for me, lol.  This is how I always get killed at zombie sims.  Some folks stop when they see something shiny.  I see rust and brick, and it's my kryptonite.  Demo rezzer in SL Inworld store (remember the 25% discount is ONLY on the new stuff wall in the shop) Photos!!

RFL Home & Garden Expo... we can do it!

Relay for Life is a big thing in Second Life.  I mean, it's BIG.  Massive groups of vendors, performers, builders, even models, come together in teams to raise money for this cause.  They host everything from hunts to shows, to month long expos, incorporating multiple sims, hundreds of vendors, and tens of thousands of shoppers and donators. Home & Garden Expo Z.O.E. Storefront Z.O.E. Gacha (Granny's Attic)   This year, Z.O.E. is getting in on the action with two different teams.  Coming soon is the Castle Home & Garden Expo, where I'll be participated on the Winterfell Sim. First up is the SL Home and Garden Expo from May 19 - June 4.  For this one, I've created a few exclusive items. This desk was a mesh that my real and and SL husband (XxRawkinxX) made in blender.  He created the mesh, I took great pains texturing it.  This one is L$125 at the expo, and all proceeds from this go to Relay For Life

Super Sale Weekend 5/19/17

This weekend for Super Sale Weekend, I've got a couple of new builds on sale.  This sale runs through Monday morning. Up first, I'm offering the brand new Old Factory Club.  Regularly L$275, this weekend only it's marked down to L$99!  This is a low prim urban build that comes with a couple of tip jars, a stage, and some bits of lighting.  You don't HAVE to use this as a club, but it's a nice big space for it.  I'm currently working on a revamped home version, as well. :D Next, we have the smallest cutest version of my Calm Seas house.  This beach cottage is two stories, and the second story offers 360 degree views.  It comes with curtains, ceiling fans and opening and closing shutters.  Not like creepy ghostly opening and closing, but you can click them to open and close... you get the idea.   Normally L$225, it's L$99 this weekend only. Feel free to have a look at the inworld store , or online at Z.O.E. on Marketplace and leav

Leader of the Oddballs...

So, this is my very first post on my shiny new blog thingy that folks have been bothering me to get done.  "Zanne", they say.  "You NEED a blog... all the best designers have them!" Right.  Well. I don't know about all that, but figured I'd give it a go.  There was a time when I actually enjoyed writing.  That time before Second Life came along and destroyed all semblance of intellect I had.  Now honestly, it's all just giggling and messing with people. Lately I've gotten more focused on my SL business pursuit.  It's a rehash of my long ago business,  originally named Zanne's Odds & Ends, and then shortened to Z.O.E.  All the periods in that are annoying to type, though... I should probably drop those.  I'm just far too lazy to rebrand over something as simple as some PERIODS. This blog space will be filled with any and all pertinent info to do with Z.O.E.  Upcoming events, works in progress, new stuff, sale stuff. Also, it