Oh dear Lord.... ZANNE!

So the SL fam and I were all sitting around the game table late Saturday night... as we tend to do.  This night was different, though.  After months of being away on a world tour (not going to say of WHAT), our beloved Rawkette was back in town.  She had joined us and was showing off all her fabulous new doodads and whatnots.  One of them was a pretty awesome vibrator garter that her babydaddy #475's wife had gifted her.  Probably as a bribe to get her hubby out of child support for the month.


Yes, since Rawkette was gone for so very long, she insisted on DJ'ing the 6 pm set, and Rawkin skulked off in a crybaby fit for the evening.  If you have really really good eyeballs, you can see Rawkette's fave new garter.

As we were talking about this and that, Rawkette pipes up with "ZANNE, do you think you could make me a vibrator shaped microphone??  OMG, that would be so FABULOUS!!"

Even though Rawkette routinely robs my husband blind, collects all of my family as "babydaddy's" when she only has ONE kid, and picks on me mercilessly for not slutting it up enough, I've never been able to deny any of her wishes.  So...

Yes.  Wow.  I know.  These are now for sale in the gacha machine in the shop for only L$10 each, lol.  All proceeds go back to my building fund to recoup the time, money and dignity lost on this project.

Go Fund Me Gacha

Now, I must go cleanse my brain and get back to work!  Until later.... rock on!


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