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It's a bird! It's a plane! IT'S A RAVEN!!

So I was busy setting up a build the other day, and my lovely Assistant Oddball dropped in to help (spy).  This was not a new build, but one that is near and dear to our hearts.  I'll not ruin the surprise, but my AO is super excited. Anyway, since she is my personal stalker and #1 (maybe #2... Don't tell her that) fan, she felt that a place of honor in this build was warranted.  I agreed!  I give you the Raven Cabinet!  It comes in light and dark versions and has 7 animations from prim to lazy AF.  This new item will be only L$50 this weekend only for Super Sale Weekend!  Normal price is L$100 and remember, VIPs get discounts every day plus store credit on every purchase! Z.O.E. Mainstore

New tag and also... INDIA!

NEW TAG: Drunken musings... just cuz..... So, I've long had a fascination with India.  Okay, maybe not so long.  My lifelong yearnings have been toward the likes of Greece, Italy, and England, however.. Over the last decade or so, I've wanted to visit India.  Really, most of Asia.  Japan, China, Korea.  I know on an inherent level none of these regions apply to me in any sort of way, but this is why I really want to go.  I'm not sure why, but I feel a substantial exploration of these regions will help me in certain types of ways... plus also.. I just wanna go.  (DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a geography buff, so if any of this doesn't jibe, just freakin' read it and move on please and thank you.) As I sit here, still with headphones on my head even though I'm not listening to anything, half of my words being backspaced to hell because I'm just drunk enough to not be able to type properly, and not drunk enough to give a damn, I realize something.  I.  AM.  NOT. 

Want to curl up and read a book?

 I think this build might actually replace the English Pub on the old home plot.  This is a sturdy old building that was once (and could still be again) the town library.  The interior is warm and inviting, and has been described as "calming" by my biggest critic, Laks.  It features 3 floors, real wood paneling and wainscot, and a beautiful grand staircase.  This build is L$325 normal price, and vip's get 25% off if they purchase from the new stuff wall in the store.  Come on over and check out this build at the demo rezzer!  More pics and untouched ones, as well, can be found on my Flickr page .

The Twerking Asshat

Okay, so yes, I do put out some goofy stuff, and this item is no exception.  My lovely husband, Rawkin, is a font of never-ending inspiration, and I tend to call him "Asshat" quite often.  In fact, his official title is Sir Douchebag of Asshatteryville.  We named the town after him.  Anyway, one day he says, "Zanne, I need an asshat."  Obviously I raised my eyebrow thinking, "I have one, and he's a pest."  He goes on to explain that he needs a hat... for his ass... An Asshat! Okay, then also he wanted it to make him twerk so... yeah.  There are two versions included.  One for twerking, and another for more formal occasions.  You are welcome!  L$30 normal price, L$23 for vips on the new stuff wall.  Make sure you wear your group tag. :D


It's FINALLY time for the Gacha Good Sunshine & Seashells event, yay!  This event will run from July 8-30, with over 30 merchants and more than 70 gachas.  Z.O.E. is a sponsor for this event, so make sure you stop by!  I went over and had a sneak peek yesterday, bought a couple of things, played a couple of gachas.  Shhh, don't tell. :P  Anyway, to refresh your memory, here's what I've got there, along with summer items from the store. Gacha Good Sunshine & Seashells Event Exclusives!

Garden Party time!

There's nothing better than an early evening dusk time garden party in a beautifully decorated (shaded, please) setting, with live music, great drinks, amazing friends and family, and cool summer outfits.  The best part though, is watching your beloved acquaintances in their semi-formal wear begin as gentile folk, but slowly descend into debauchery as the evening drifts into nightfall, and the "punch" bowl has been refilled 5 times, each time with less and less mixer. I know, I know.  In my latest posts I've bemoaned summer and all it's drawbacks.  However, one thing I DO love about summer are GARDEN PARTIES!  Speaking of which, I really should get my land finished, because it's that time for a house party.  I'll put a pin in that and get to it later.  Anyway... These sweet pastel dresses with lace overlay are now available in the shop.  They come with 6 color options and fit most mesh bodies, including Ocacin.  They are selling for L$100, but vip&