The Twerking Asshat

Okay, so yes, I do put out some goofy stuff, and this item is no exception.  My lovely husband, Rawkin, is a font of never-ending inspiration, and I tend to call him "Asshat" quite often.  In fact, his official title is Sir Douchebag of Asshatteryville.  We named the town after him. 

Anyway, one day he says, "Zanne, I need an asshat."  Obviously I raised my eyebrow thinking, "I have one, and he's a pest."  He goes on to explain that he needs a hat... for his ass... An Asshat!

Okay, then also he wanted it to make him twerk so... yeah. 

There are two versions included.  One for twerking, and another for more formal occasions.  You are welcome!  L$30 normal price, L$23 for vips on the new stuff wall.  Make sure you wear your group tag. :D


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