Rawkette strikes again!

Ahh, Rawkette.  Famed DJ, Resident Diva, Applepay taking, Hooker Extraordinaire.  She's starred in the epic DW murder mystery 2015 as the victim, and has recently returned from a world tour of... frankly, I was afraid to ask. 

Upon her return from who knows where, the family and I had to break it to her that our club home, The Rhythm Factory, had closed down.  Rawkette was very upset; we even had to use the smelling salts to get her off the Greedy table.  Once she had processed this bit of info, she came to understand one sad fact.  She no longer had a venue in SL to gather her masses of fans when she deigns to DJ once in a blue moon. 

Again, the family had some other news to break to her.  Good news!  With the absence of a resident club for us to haunt, and the fact that nobody else will have us, Rawk and I had decided to reopen Dusty Wanderer Pub!  Isn't that great, Rawkette?  You can DJ THERE again!

Boy, if looks could kill, hers would have flattened any avatar in a 10 sim radius.  Her eyes widened.  She stared hard at me.  She blinked once, twice, then two more times in rapid succession before taking a deep breath (I'm sure this was only to enhance her cleavage since babydaddy #465 was there), and yells,

"I THOUGHT WE BURNED THAT *expletive deleted* DOWN!!!!"

Then, she really got geared up.  The following diatribe that occurred went long and hard, through many twists, turns, beers, and Excedrin.  I won't bore you with everything she said, mostly because it was so fast and her head was bobbing back and forth so much I sort of got distracted.  The gist of it was this.  She hates the dirty old pub.  She hates Rawk.  She's NOT going to work for him again, DJ nor host.  She will NOT EVER step foot in the pub.  AND, she's now also upset that she's without a street corner to stand on since she's blacklisting Siringo.

Then it came.  Her devil-woman gaze descended upon me with the force of 1000 tons of pure brick, mortar and condom wrappers.   THE REQUEST. 

"ZANNE!  I am SICK of having to move!  You need to make me a street corner that I can take with me anywhere I go.  Also, I need to be able to attach it, cuz I ain't JOINING any more groups and having people telling me I can't rez!"

I had to agree to calm her down, you see.  We'll placate her for now until we can convince, sweet talk, and/or bribe her to come DJ at the pub again.  I think it will take a drag pageant to do that, though.  We'll see.  For now, if you spot some slutty chick wearing a street corner, make sure to give her an L or two.  Times must be tough. :(

This street corner comes with 3 different versions, and you can use the built in animation or your own AO.  Normally L$75, it's on sale right now for L$50 on the Super Sale Weekend Wall at the shop!

Have fun, and never forget to giggle!

~Zanne Boucher


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