Garden Party time!

There's nothing better than an early evening dusk time garden party in a beautifully decorated (shaded, please) setting, with live music, great drinks, amazing friends and family, and cool summer outfits.  The best part though, is watching your beloved acquaintances in their semi-formal wear begin as gentile folk, but slowly descend into debauchery as the evening drifts into nightfall, and the "punch" bowl has been refilled 5 times, each time with less and less mixer.

I know, I know.  In my latest posts I've bemoaned summer and all it's drawbacks.  However, one thing I DO love about summer are GARDEN PARTIES!  Speaking of which, I really should get my land finished, because it's that time for a house party.  I'll put a pin in that and get to it later.  Anyway...

These sweet pastel dresses with lace overlay are now available in the shop.  They come with 6 color options and fit most mesh bodies, including Ocacin.  They are selling for L$100, but vip's can get them for only L$75 right now from the new stuff wall in the shop for a limited time!


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