It's about dang time! 90's set, here I come!

The club where I work, play and create has inspired yet another build.  The kind bosslady at The Rhythm Factory allows me to let my creativity roam free here, which is only one of the reasons I love this place so much!  The actual club building we use is very spacious, and it's definitely HOME, but every once in a while we like to do themed stuff, so we had the idea to use "inserts" for the building.  Basically, it's a build within a build... something that people know I do quite often, even in the mainstore!  I've done a barn for it, sci-fi theme, even a rooftop for a superhero set. 

Well, I've been wanting to do a 90's music event for ages, but have been holding off until I had the actual insert done.  Approximately 593 years later, it's finally complete!  I know... I'm a slacker.  Anyway, when I do these inserts, I've been trying to do full sized versions to sell to the general public.  Let me introduce you to...

MIX TAPE - L$300 normal price, L$225 for vips on the new stuff wall right now.

This club has some great bones, and can be used as-is or modded to your heart's content!  It can also be used on land or as a skybox.  The colorful neon lighting in certain bits here and there change colors in subtle ways, it's purdy!  You have to come see it in person to really appreciate it. Here's some links and more photos for you.  Party on!

Marketplace link if you're too lazy and don't like discounts.
Demo rezzer

TRF Group page (Facebook) 


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