Old Urban Factory... I mean club... I mean HOME!

Yes, it's finally complete!  Z.O.E.'s old factory has officially been used for everything SL could need.  I hear tell way back in the day it was also used as an old army hospital and may possibly be haunted!  Anyway...

Just released, the fully updated and converted/remodeled factory home.  This home is selling for L$300.  Right now for vip's it's L$225 if you purchase it from the new stuff wall.  It'll be there for about a week or so, and then will be L$270 for vip's with their normal 10% discount.  Come by the demo rezzer and check it out.  Stroll through and have a looksee.  It's always fun to look at buildings... at least for me, lol.  This is how I always get killed at zombie sims.  Some folks stop when they see something shiny.  I see rust and brick, and it's my kryptonite. 

Demo rezzer in SL
Inworld store (remember the 25% discount is ONLY on the new stuff wall in the shop)



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