RFL Home & Garden Expo... we can do it!

Relay for Life is a big thing in Second Life.  I mean, it's BIG.  Massive groups of vendors, performers, builders, even models, come together in teams to raise money for this cause.  They host everything from hunts to shows, to month long expos, incorporating multiple sims, hundreds of vendors, and tens of thousands of shoppers and donators.

Home & Garden Expo
Z.O.E. Storefront
Z.O.E. Gacha (Granny's Attic) 

This year, Z.O.E. is getting in on the action with two different teams.  Coming soon is the Castle Home & Garden Expo, where I'll be participated on the Winterfell Sim.

First up is the SL Home and Garden Expo from May 19 - June 4.  For this one, I've created a few exclusive items.

This desk was a mesh that my real and and SL husband (XxRawkinxX) made in blender.  He created the mesh, I took great pains texturing it.  This one is L$125 at the expo, and all proceeds from this go to Relay For Life.

This lamp was made to go with this desk and features pretty gold texturing on the base and realistic old glass shade.  All proceeds from this go to Relay For Life.

I'm from the south, and that means you have mason jars in your cabinets somewhere.  Always.  When I was little, we used to go out in the summer at night and catch fireflies in them.  Fortunately, the "fireflies" in this jar won't die.  If they do, just reset the scripts, lol.  This is a hunt item and can be found at my storefront at the expo.  Hunt items DO cost 10L, but all proceeds go to Relay For Life.

Last, but NOT least, we have the long anticipated Granny's Attic Gacha.  Actually, at the expo they are called "Gotya", but who really cares.  Potato, potato.  Anywho.  All items above are up for grabs, including the attic room that all my friends have been pestering me to sell to them.  Too bad for them, this is an expo exclusive too, haha.  Half of all of the gacha (I'm sorry... GOTYA) proceeds go to Relay For Life.

Any donation made at my kiosk will receive this gift (above).  It's not exclusive, but people do love their books in SL.  Why?  I don't know, but they're good sellers. :P

I hope you guys can come out and spend some time.  I believe there are 5 sims worth this year.  There's events going on throughout the expo, so check out their blog!  All pertinent links and directions are listed way up yonder at the beginning.


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