Say it with a TEE!

I finally picked up some decent full perm mesh tees for women AND men that will fit most any mesh avatar.  No, I didn't create this mesh myself.  Yes, I do all the texture work for them.  These are mostly for shits and giggles, much like a lot of things in the shop.  They are also good for custom work when you just can't find exactly what you're looking for!  So, here's how it works:

1. Purchase the base tshirt at the shop for L$10.  If you're savvy and aren't scared to ask, I can tell you where I have them for free at any given time.  Right now, you can pick up the base tees across the street from the shop at the pub.  Just go in and they're on the free stuff wall. 

2. Pick which graphic you want for your tshirt from the vendor (it's upstairs), and purchase it for L$35, unless you're a member of my group and get the 10% discount. 

3. Unpack the bag you purchased, and drag the HUD into your base tshirt folder for easy access.  The HUD's are interchangeable and are all used for the same top (male and female are not interchangeable. :P) 

**Bonus: If you pick up the freebie from the pub, that pack has color options that will work for any of the black/white graphics, too.

So here's the freebie you can find here:

If you want just the base tees, you can grab them upstairs in the shop for L$10.  Below are the different ones available right now!

  So, we're off to a great start, lol.  If you have a request or need some custom work done, just IM me!

~Zanne Boucher
Z.O.E. Mainstore


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