New workshop! AKA: Rawk's homeless again...

I have given this a lot of thought, and I have come to one stark realization. 

It must be terrible to live with a builder. 

I don't know how other builder/shop owners work, but I know that Rawk and I haven't had a true established home in SL for years.  Every time I get sick of whatever building we're in, I build a new one.  Every time though, poor Rawk is left homeless until the new build is complete.  There's nothing quite so pitiful as your husband standing on a sky pad half naked trying to put together a new outfit. 

Since we've moved to Siringo, we've been using a modified version of my (Z.O.E.) 1024 skybox.  The dark one with the dark wood flooring.  The problem is, I'm also using our place of residence as a workshop.  I was using the old shabby chic repurposed skybox I made, but it was way too big.  The 1024 skybox was way too small and also way too dark. 

I think now I'm in the Goldilocks zone.  Maybe.  We'll see.  For now, I'm happy!  This newest low prim skybox from Z.O.E. has 9m tall walls, a large main room and two smaller rooms.  I'm using one of the smaller rooms for my office and all the shop related crap that I have to keep rezzed out 24/7.  There's also a 30x30 "yard" if you so desire.  It's linked separately.  FYI, if you don't want or need the yard, the building alone will fit on a 1024 sized plot. 

I've listed this at L$200 normal price, and vips purchasing from the new stuff wall can get it for L$150.  Stay tuned, starting 9/1/17, this building will be L$99 for Super Sale Weekend, that weekend only!  It's ready for viewing at my Demo Rezzer inworld!


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