The Madd Man Returns! Kinda!

A little while back, my SL big brother returned inworld to our family.  He'd been on hiatus for quite a while, and made a valiant effort to stick around this time.  It didn't last, though.  SADNESS.  Anyway, Kenni has been known as "The Madd Man" for years, and even sports that title in mine and Rawk's Pub group.  Or maybe it's the land group...whatever... 

While he was back, he suggested I build a comic book shop for him called "Madd Man Comics".  How could I say no???  I made a note, and finally got around to it.  While I'd love to have plastered graffiti-esque super hero and villain graphics all over the walls, copyright sort of prohibits that.  However, you can do what you like with it, as it's completely copy/mod.  Not that I'd EVER suggest you violate TOS or laws or anything...

Ahem.  So...

This is a very cool low prim shop you can use as urban sim filler or rental shop or even your own shop.  There are 3 different parts you can change the logo on to your own.  Right now, this shop is L$200 normal price, L$150 on the new stuff wall for vips, and it will also be up for Super Sale Weekend for L$99 come 9/22/17.  I'd have listed it with SSW this week, but had already listed with them since I was afraid I'd be offline for it after Hurricane Irma.  You can check it out at my inworld demo rezzer!

Happy geeking!

~Zanne Boucher


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