See, I told you guys I have actually been DOING stuff!  I was sitting around the game table last weekend with the fam and mentioned that I was waiting until closer to October to start listing all the Halloween stuff I'd done.  They were appalled and asked why I hadn't listed it all already??  Well, here's the beginning!  Z.O.E. is involved in two different events for October, one of which I'm sponsoring, so I'll show you those items later on.  For now, here's what's in the shop and listed this weekend for Super Sale Weekend!

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Full Super Sale Weekend list here

I know I said I wasn't going to do a gacha for Halloween, but I changed my mind. :P  These little ghosts hover and float and are wearables.  The two rare signs are addons with texture change menus, and the rare ghost buddy is a companion attachment, but also has a rezzable version.  These talk in chat at time intervals that you set, and you can also change/add what it says.  It has more features too, they're all described in the info notecard.  L$25 per play

 This maze is new and on sale now for Super Sale Weekend, marked down from L$150 to L$99 this weekend only!  Info: A few years back I did an April Fools' Maze for Dusty Heights.  I decided to pull that idea back out again and do a new one for Halloween!  This one can be used as a skybox or on land.  The exterior walls and ground fog can be removed.  There are surprises at "dead ends" and a graveyard in the middle. You can view this build at the demo rezzer inworld.

This is one of my fave builds this year!  It features die hard party-goers still drinking and smoking long after last call.  If you click the piano it plays "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin ca. 1902.  The bench has a piano playing animation built in.  Normal price L$150, L$75 for SSW this weekend only.

 My second fave build for this year is a kissing booth.  The person manning the booth has been waiting a REALLY LONG TIME so you have to forgive him if he gets a little... touchy feely gropey with you. xD  Comes with 8 photo poses.  L$100 normal price, L$75 for vips on the new stuff wall.

These coffins aren't completely ONLY Halloween things, so no, they don't have the orangey accents. :P  These coffins are configured by dropping your own landmarks in them.  You click to sit, then get a menu of locations to teleport to.  Please note, they only teleport within a sim/region, and anyone can use them.  They're fairly simple.  L$75 normal price, L$57 for vips on the new stuff wall.

This item is new and L$30 normal price, L$23 for vips.  ***This item will be L$1 for the Bump in the Night Hunt from October 1-31.

Next, we have a rehash of a Valentine's build that raised a few eyebrows.  Apparently Pita is breaking up with her S/O and he's not too happy about it.  This is L$50 normal price, L$45 for vips.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the new October Gift!  This idea is brought to you courtesy of my lovely Assistant Oddball, Raeven. Since she put me to work, I put her to work taking the pics of this thing, lol.  This item is free in the shop.  Due to vendor restrictions though, you have to pay L$1 to get it, then get a refund.  If you are so poor you do not have L$1 to pay, shoot me an IM. 

Stay tuned for more STUFF coming up as well as an exclusive for Guest List Cart Sale in October.  Happy Halloween month! 



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