Floral Wedding Anywhere? Hmm...

My lovely AO, Raeven, mentioned a little while back that her friend wanted to get married at a particular sim, but wasn't allowed to.  "Zanne," she said.  "Wouldn't it be cool if she had something like that wearable street corner you did for Rawkette, only have it be a wedding venue?" 

Yes, Raeven.  Yes, it would.  Therefore...

Let me introduce the first wearable wedding venue from Z.O.E.  This one is more traditionally outdoor themed.  I don't think I have time to do one for Halloween, but would love to!  Christmas, too!  Oh, how the ideas now fly, lol.  So, here's how this one works.

It comes with a male and female version, so either can be the one to wear it.  Each version is animated to bride or groom.  It also comes with a spare male animation (if the lady is wearing the venue), and 2 spare animated wedding bouquets (if the male is wearing it, or if it's same sex). 

Can't find an officiate?  Well, we here at Z.O.E. like to think we thought of everything.  That garden statue up there can officiate for you!  Click it to go through the greeting, lines, rings, all that stuff.  You can also tweak the script to fit your own style. 

So, take a step up from driving through the Vegas chapels and grab your own personal wedding venue!  This one normally sells for L$150, but this weekend will be on sale for L$75 for Super Sale Weekend starting tonight (officially Friday morning at 00:01, but I'm not up that late to hold off till then). 

Grab it here!


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